Relationship Compatibility Report

Know Times of Stress & Pressure in Relationship

  • This report compares a couples individual natal horoscopes to evaluate their platonic compatibility. The report uses many of Astrology's basic elements and aspects to determine the future outlook for a match.
  • Are you stuck in conflicting, disharmonious relationship?This compatibility report & vedic chart assesses long term prospects of your relationship, timing of highs & lows,pitfalls to look out for,future chemistry with partner,areas of discord & how to resolve with Divine remedies which treat root problems of all relationship & marital woes
  • Vedic Astrology can look into the personality and love nature of individuals based on their birth charts and check if they are compatible with each other and if their relationship bears the potential to last.
  • If you are in a difficult love connection,in spiritual term it is called a karmic relationship.How do you know if you’re in a karmic relationship?In a karmic relationship, there’s a pervasive weight you’ll feel in your body when with spouse.It is tough,its challenging.What makes those relationships karmic is the fact that both souls have accumulated negative karma over many lifetimes, for themselves and together.Whenever these souls meet again, it’s a bit worse because there is always a bit more of their shared negative karma that is showing up in the current incarnation.Check your Karmic birth chart compatibility with partner if you are going thrugh rough relationship path since long.

  • Do you Have problems related to Spouse/Partner,Other Woman or Inlaw Interference,Partner Mind Negative,No Intimacy? Ask your Queries:

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vedic birth chart compatibility


relationship compatiblity of birth chart
relationship birth chart report
Relationship Insecurity
  • Understand why partner is behaving as he?
  • Find new level of understanding with him
  • Know where he is heading to
  • Cycle of Negativity & Its Remedies
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couple birth chart report
Life Path Diversion Check
  • How,when life events will unfold for both partners?
  • If the two life paths will ever again be compatible?
  • Timing of Break up...Can this be avoided
  • Is there lack of synchronisation in partner's mutual feelings at some stage?
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marriage birth chart report
Relationship Future chart
  • Potential Ups & Down in Planetary Energy
  • Complications & suppression in relationship?
  • Synastry & Proper birth Chart
  • Areass to be worked on to resolve issues
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karmic compatibility report
Karmic relationship
  • How do you know if you’re in karmic relationship?
  • Is there feel heavy energy when you both are together?
  • Is situation depleting you & not serving your spirit
  • How strong possibility of negative karma accumulated over lifetimes
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dosha vedic remedy
Dosha & Curse
  • Cumulative effect of things done by ancestors in past
  • Consequence of sins,actions,things of past
  • Burden because of long history of negative traits
  • Can this be removed off?
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compatibility birth chart prediction
Long Term Potential Chart
  • Unknown negative circumstances that are taking shape
  • Actions you can take to strengthen your relationship
  • Laying the groundwork now for better future
  • Identify areas of friction if things aren't working
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How Relationship Compatibility Report Benefits?

  • Relationship Analysis Report covers Love Compatibility between you and a potential love partner,,Mental Compatibility,Thinking patterns,Intellectual level matches,Longevity of the couple life,Chances of major ego clashes, competition,Conflicts relationship.
  • Love compatibility chart is best way to see how your relationship works. Do you have special connections? Is there a chance to build long-lasting relationship? Are you in an out-of box relationships? How prosperous your relationship are? Is it a sexual attraction or hidden obsession? Love compatibility chart is an excellent preview of feelings and attitudes created by you and your partner.
  • When you get married, you may find that your similarities with your partner turns into irritation, and your differences become a source of critical remarks. Your initial attraction may begin to fade, replaced by a low-grade, constant tension. What was initially called love can slowly become an inescapable source of frustration. Not all couples are mismatched, but many are. Why is this happening?
  • Relationship compatibility is predominantly a measure of the flow of consciousness, the vital life force between the couple, and how this energy harmonises in the relationship. It is meant to be an indicator of karmic incompatibility, how can we break up this karmic issue
  • Relationship astrology birth chart , involves the comparison of two astrological charts to determine areas of strength and weakness in a relationship.It explains reason and timeline of conflict. It analyses the planetary positions in the chart of the couples to explain reasons for the conflict in the relationship.Birth chart can help us understand why a person maybe displaying a certain behavior and overall effects of the particular phase. It can give a timeline as to how long this would last, and when a new phase can start.
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