Know Your Job Horoscope Chart & Your Stages

Predicting Accurately Job Change,Challenge,Promotion by Analysis of Horoscope Chart

As Higher level Job always be in stress and highly competitive in nature ,It need lot of extra care and precaution to sustain in that environment . Vedic birth chart and its Astrology guide us in getting success – Progress and Path of achieving career of desired level and can plan better .

Vedic Astrology help you in your Career and Profession analysis, by Vedic chart , is going to offer you a clear new insight into the planetary positions in your horoscope. The actual time periods associated with rise, adjustments, instant gratifications, challenges, promotions .So you can Perform in much better way then your reputation will likely increase and you can move with your opportunity in right time .With Astrological chart report suggestion you can take a stock and figure out what will change and what you need more of or less to stay at top of your career and then go get it!!


  • Planetary positions and their effects positive and negative
  • Analysis of planets which are directly connected with career.
  • Career Chart analysis.
  • Strengths and Weaknesses as per time
  • Entrepreneurship and Leadership
  • Astrological remedies its suggestions
  • Your personal vedic astrological chart and horoscope
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  • Feeling stagnant - not progressing
  • No sense of accomplishment
  • Low or no interest in the job and getting things done
  • Lack of recognition from manager or others
  • No clear vision and common goals
  • Someone else getting promoted when you were a better candidate
  • No opportunity for career growth and development

Detail Blue Print of Job Predictions :

  • It will make you plan better your career quickly , before time
  • You will be open to new opportunity in your life ...also known as serendipity
  • Challenges will not overwhelm you, rather you will find a way around them or overcome them
  • You will have less stress and positivity around you with clear vision
  • You will feel good and in turn people around you will feel good which leads to higher productivity
  • There are many other benefit with vision and objective clarity .How to Move - plan and act in time
  • How do I plan for Negative cycle or downturns?
  • What are the obstacles preventing growth and how can you overcome them?
  • Rise to new levels by appropriate remedy?
  • Understand the critical factors impacting your job situation right now.Refocus and realign with the strategy as per your chart
  • Understand your job ups & down phases,cycle of change,collective & individual fate analysis
  • Your financial cycle :when & how your career will grow ,die or becomes standstill.Your stages in life in coming time period.A Forewarning how negative influences can be minimised which may not effect your job graph or lead to major downfall.
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